About Us

Beachables is the expression of our love for the beach, the water and all things coastal

There’s nothing better than the peaceful feeling you get when sitting on the beach listening to the waves. A day at the pool, lake or river should be just as relaxing.

Our high-quality collection of custom embellished beach accessories is designed to be stylish, functional and unique. Each is hand-crafted from ethically made global materials in Charleston, South Carolina. But it isn’t enough to be just another beach accessories company, Beachables is also about functionality. Our Beachables towel/bags are designed to solve a problem – to consolidate your beach day items, free your hands for the trek to and from the beach, and to stay put on your chair while you enjoy your day.

Our founder Mary Watters has a life-long love for creating beautiful and interesting things, all with her own little creative twist. With the advent of Beachables, she has left the practice of law to devote her creative energies full-time to Beachables and caring for her family. Beachables is blossoming into a family venture with Mary’s sister Jan Bodiford joining the company as a partner, designer and meticulous seamstress. Both are grateful for the support of their husbands who strongly support the business venture and their late-night sewing binges. Mary’s young son Carson is also a big supporter of Beachables and enjoys helping out with modeling, markets and tasks around the shop.

Beachables are now available for purchase at select retail locations, including our flagship store, BEACHABLES COASTAL COLLECTION located at 1941 Clements Ferry Road, Charleston SC and online at Beachables.com.

Beachables is a proud supporter of Water Mission. At Beachables, our philanthropic goals start at home with the importance of faith and family, but we also want to be intentional in our desire to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. Our family learned about Water Mission through our church, Seacoast, and instantly knew we wanted to contribute to their incredible mission. The Water Mission® organization is a Christian engineering nonprofit that designs, builds, and implements safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas.

About Mary

Mary learned to sew at a 4H class when she was a little girl, and throughout the years she toyed with designing and making her own unique clothing. As a young mom, she made her own maternity clothes and outfits for her 3 little boys. Her unique “Needle Artistry” designs sparked interest locally, and before you knew it, her made-to-order pieces hit the racks in a local boutique. Although this was exciting, Mary decided to put away her sewing machine and return to college to complete her higher education. She obtained her undergraduate and law degrees and practiced in Greenville SC and later Charleston SC for 18 years. Those 3 little boys are now grown and among Beachables’ biggest fans.

The Beachables Towel/Bag

During a trip to Hawaii in 2018, Mary and her husband Dan were intrigued by the terry chair covers placed on the poolside lounge chairs at the luxury resort hotel. She searched for a similar lounge towel but could not find quality replicas, and began toying with her own design. She added the chair cover conversion to the beach bag feature, and a few designs and prototypes later the “Beachables Resort Towel Bag” was born and became the springboard for this now successful brand. Beachables’ options have expanded to include the best-selling Beachables Turkish Towel Bag along with resort wear and cover-ups, handcrafted from Turkish Cotton materials.

Beachables are now available for purchase at select retail locations, including our flagship store, BEACHABLES COASTAL COLLECTION located at 1941 Clements Ferry Road, Unit C, Charleston SC. Online shopping available at Beachables.com.

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